XPENT 5-axis vice sets GARANT 361100

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  • Very good accessibility, and perfectly symmetrical.
  • Flexible modular clamping system.
  • All mating faces hardened and ground.
  • Clamping force up to 40 kN at 90 Nm torque.
  • Both clamping modules can be positioned individually on the base rail.
  • Variable clamping and adjustment range.
  • Quick to use and intuitive in operation.
  • Repetition accuracy < 0.01 mm.
  • With 18 M16 holes for zero point clamping system, pitch 200 mm.


Perfect for true 5-face machining.In conjunction with various jaws it can be used for conventional, smooth-faced clamping and clamping of unfinished parts.

Suitable for:

Top jaws No. 361123 − 361134.

Supplied with:

Base rail, spindle, spindle extension, crank / hexagon screwdriver, fixed clamping module, mobile clamping module.

Fixed clamping module No. 361105 size 2, mobile clamping module No. 361110 size 2.

Optional extras:

Clamping modules No. 361105 − 361110, centre jaw No. 361111, base rails No. 361115, spindle No. 361119, spindle extensions No. 361120, stepless adjustable clamps No. 361165, crank No. 361167, hexagon screwdriver No. 627451, adapter plate No. 361170 size 450, torque wrench No. 656050 size 120, screwdriver bit No. 643330, workpiece back-stop No. 360094.


Not supplied with matching top jaws No. 361123 − 361134 and front jaws No. 361140 − 361149.Clamping situation S4 requires a further spindle extension No. 361120.


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