Tiện rãnh, cắt đứt GARANT Eco 273835

Liên hệ
eco-grooving toolholder 273835


Made of high-tensile tool steel (>1300 N/mm2). In conjunction with the convex indexable insert clamping, the system achieves very high resistance to axial and radial cutting forces and thereby significantly increases the surface quality and productivity.



Dimension ⌀ max = limited workpiece ⌀ due to tool type. From 19.5 mm onwards, the second cutter comes into contact with the workpiece. This can lead to scoring.
If necessary, use single-ended grooving inserts No. 273656– 273670.
Coolant transfer only in conjunction with GARANT eco-system toolholders No. 317900 − 319886.

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