Thước cặp cơ ngàm dài 500mm 415188 500

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Vernier caliper with extra long jaws 500 mm, Jaw length 300 mm

Vernier satin chrome-plated, anti-glare. Measuring faces hardened and ground. Long jaws for measuring large components and component ⌀. With fine adjustment. Offset and rounded jaw ends for internal measurements.
With extra long jaws, without fine adjustment.

Material Stainless steel, INOX Measurement technology analogue all parts hardened Norm Manufacturer’s standard Packaging sturdy box Scale divisions 0.05 mm Graduation 1/20 mm Type of caliper jaws extra long measuring jaws Measuring range 0 mm - 500 mm Type of reading parts satin chrome-plated Jaw length 300 mm Calibration A1 Type of measurement face hardened Internal jaw ⌀ 20 mm Weight 1.2 kg Error limit 0.12 mm

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