Socket set Stahlwille 630031

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Socket set for Torx® 1/4″ + 3/8″ + 1/2″ square drive 35-piece



Drives / accessories to DIN 3122 / 3123; sockets to DIN 3124. Internal / external square drives to DIN 3120.


For external Torx® screws gs_profil_torx-einsatz M3 − M20. For internal Torx® screws gs_profil_torx M2.5 − M14.
For internal Torx® screws gs_profil_torx-loch M3 − M8 (with retaining pin). Including a gauge for Torx® screws.


Chrome alloy steel, chrome-plated.

Supplied with table use:

1/4″ sockets for Torx®: 3 pcs. No. 631500 size E4; E5; E6
3/8″ sockets for Torx®: 4 pcs. No. 637450 size E7; E8; E10; E12
1/2″ sockets for Torx®: 6 pcs. No. 642700 size E11; E14; E16; E18; E20; E24
1/4″ bits for Torx®: 2 pcs. similar to No. 631805 size TX8; TX9
3/8″ bits for Torx®: 5 pcs. No. 637560 size TX10; TX15; TX20; TX25; TX27
1/2″ bits for Torx®: 6 pcs. No. 643650 size TX30; TX40; TX45; TX50; TX55; TX60
Bits for Torx® with centre hole: 7 pcs. similar to No. 675350 size TX10; TX15; TX20; TX25; TX27; TX30; TX40
Bit adapter: 1 pc. similar to No. 676800 size 8/4
Presented in: ABS plastic box

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