Revolving lathe centre with inserts 321335

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Universal revolving lathe centres − with exchangeable inserts


  • Complete tool hardened and ground.
  • With interchangeable inserts.
  • Body and live centre are die-forged and hardened.
  • Precision roller bearings guarantee high concentricity.
  • Special seal prevents ingress of dirt and coolant.
  • Maintenance-free due to lifetime lubrication.


Suitable for one-off production of various components due to 6 different inserts.

Supplied with:

1 lathe centre No. 320659, 1x each copying punch 60° / 30°, small centre punch 60°, large centre punch 60°, point 60°, hollow point 60°, hollow punch 60°.
With modular box with foam inlay.

Optional extras:

Exchangeable inserts No. 320625 - 320631


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