Pamme điện tử 3 điểm Mitutoyo 429250

Liên hệ
Digital three-point internal micrometer


Borematic quick blind hole micrometer for 3-point internal measurement. Large LCD display with 11 mm character height for clear and error-free reading. Display can be rotated 330°. The measuring probes centre the micrometer automatically in the bore and ensure easy handling. The measuring probes are adjusted without any error by a carbide cone.

Anvils of titanium-coated hardened steel.


Very quick measurement with high repetition accuracy due to pistol grip and constant measuring force.


  • Data storage button saves the measurement result (for instance in inaccessible measurement positions). 
  • Zero point / absolute size enables zeroing at any position. 
  • Good / Reject display for easy checking against tolerance values. 
  • Quick adjustment for quick spanning of the distance to be measured.

Supplied with:

1 battery No. 081560 size 357.

Optional extras:

Digimatic data cable No. 497080, extensions No. 429010, setting rings No. 484030.

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