MasterSteel SPEED solid carbide drill Garant 122715

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Developed for use with very high cutting speeds. Outstandingly suitable for machines with low power output and high speeds.

  • Clear reduction in cutting forces due to special cutter geometry.
  • Coating for best wear resistance even at high process temperatures.
  • Polished flutes for good chip clearance.

A slim chisel edge and the special arrangement of the 4 guide chamfers ensure high positioning and alignment accuracy. Optimised micro-geometry for increased working life and performance capability.


Maximum drilling depth:
flute length (see table) less 1.5×nominal ⌀.


Form HB and HE supplied at the same price as HA.
Form HB: order with No. 122716.
Form HE: order with No. 122715 + 129100HE.


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