Mâm cặp 3 chấu Garant 310600

Liên hệ
Three-jaw lathe chuck with recessed steel mount


  • Manual chucks with gear scroll, centrically clamping. 
  • Body made of cast iron or steel. 
  • Gear scroll drop-forged, balanced, and hardened. 
  • Flanks of scroll and of jaw serrations are ground. 
  • High concentricity to DIN 6386, Part 1.


For spindle noses with thread to DIN 800. The chuck is fitted to a flange from the rear by means of screws and this flange is then mounted on to the lathe spindle. The flange blanks must always be fitted first to the machine and then to the chuck.


DIN 6350 − Form A − Cushman system.

Supplied with:

1 clamping wrench and fastening screws or studs depending on the chuck.
Reversible jaws with elliptical−bevelled teeth. 

Optional extras:

Spare and additional jaws see No. 314000 − 315200.
Swarf protection see No. 312800.


For self-centring three-jaw lathe chucks see No. 313110 - 313140.

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