Hộp chứa dụng cụ 130x90x198mm (Garant - Germany)

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Code: 963301 AB1 - Material: Polypropylene  - GARANT - Made in GERMANY - Size 130x90x198mm.


Open storage bin with ergonomic handle (comfortable to carry). Can be converted to a storage box by fitting a transparent cover. Inner faces polished smooth, allowing easy removal of parts and easy cleaning. Facility to apply labels on labelling strips at the front, and also by inserting cards (credit card size 85.6 × 54 mm) at the back. Open storage bins are stackable.


GARANT open storage bins and their advantages:

  • Sturdy and stable thanks to impact resistant polypropylene.
  • High load capacity due to reinforced bases and side walls.
  • Easily stacked using the registration points.
  • Pleasant to handle and easy to clean due to high-quality surfaces and smooth inner faces.
  • Wide variety of application options.

Suitable for:

Storage bin racks No. 916535, 920240, for rack panels No. 957060 size S in modular cabinets and for shelving cabinets / wall cabinets No. 954600 - 954670 and No. 954701 to 954722. In addition, the bin support No. 963050 allows small open storage bins No. 963301 size AA1 and AB1 to be hung individually on perforated panels.


Easyfix Universal box holders No. 955810 size 100 are required for attaching to perforated panels.

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