Đồng hồ set trục Z - Zero setter 359085 50

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Zero setter 50

Special hardened steel.


No damage to cutting edge of tool during setting. No feeler gauge or edge finder necessary.


  • Level the spring-loaded probe face with the reference face of the body (e.g. using a straight edge) and set the dial indicator to −0.25.
  • Place the zero setting device on the workpiece and feed the tool down on to spring-loaded probe face until the dial indicator reads 0. The tool is now positioned exactly 50 mm ( ± 0.01 mm) above the workpiece to be machined (dimension for input into machine controls).


For setting tools (e.g. end mills) to zero and for determining the reference point of the machine spindle.

Supplied with:

Wooden case, dial indicator, measurement report and instruction manual.

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