Digital external micrometer IP65 i-wi 0-25 mm

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Digital external micrometer IP65 i-wi 0-25 mm 421325 0-25  


Innovative external micrometer with 10 mm tall characters on sharp contrast display. Practical HOLD function for freezing the measured value for reliable, error-free reading. Measuring spindle hardened and ground. Carbide anvils. High performance ratchet with quick operation. Painted steel frame with thermal insulation. Button for changeover between relative and absolute measurement. Zero setting in any position.
A well-arranged tolerance display with additional warning limits allows the user to recognise whether the workpiece is within the tolerance limits.

Supplied with:

1 battery No. 081560 size CR2032, 1 setting standard from size 25-50.

Optional extras:

i-wi radio receiver No. 498912.

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