Đĩa đánh bóng Garant ceramic grit (CER)

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With longitudinal groove for clamping on face mill arbors (DIN 6357) and combination milling spigot arbors (DIN 6358).
Disc brushes with extremely tightly packed abrasive bristles (right to the edge of the brush) embedded in the plastic pad. The bristles support each other, giving a highly stable shape. Very long working life.
Nylon bristles with ceramic grit content. More aggressive abrasive effect.


  • Workpiece rework directly after the machining process.
  • Reproducible results due to constantly exposed grinding grit.
  • Good process reliability thanks to high shape stability and shape accuracy.
  • Quick and secure installation without further accessories.
  • Very low radial run-out.


On CNC machining centres and when used by robots, preferably wet grinding with cooling lubricant. Machining of flat components: precise deburring, edge rounding, finish machining after milling, surface finishing e.g. of sealing and mating faces.


Special versions available on request.

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