Micro 0,2-6,4 mm M12

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MicroClamp screw-in adapter 0,2-6,4 mm 301396 0,2-6,4. Đầu kẹp mũi khoan Micro 0,2-6,4 mm nối ren M12


  • For clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. 
  • Transmissible torque 7 Nm. 
  • Permissible speed 60,000 rpm, depending on the screw-in arbor. 
  • Permissible tightening torque 2 Nm.

For clamping tools with plain shanks.

Suitable for:

Tool arbors for threaded copy mills.

Supplied with:

Clamping wrench with T-handle.


Suitable extension and reducer under No. 301339 / 1341.




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