Đầu dò 3D điện tử - Digital 3D edge finder 359500

Liên hệ
Analogue 3D edge finder with contact point (⌀ 4 mm)


  • With linear scale.
  • Suitable for measuring.
  • Convenient and exact radial run-out adjustment.
  • Precise operation.
  • Dust-tight and watertight = IP67.
  • Compact design avoids collisions when finding edges.


Precision measuring device for milling and spark erosion machines
For determining component zero points, measurement of lengths, bore centres and reference faces.

Supplied with:

With contact point No. 359505 size 4.

Optional extras:

Contact point No. 359505 size 6.


Digital 3D edge finder see No. 359500.

  • See No. 359505 size 4 for spare contact point .


  • See No. 359510 for spare glass.


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