Đá mài Tyrolit cho Titanium, hợp kim, Gang

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Surface grinding wheels for NF metals, titanium, carbide, cast iron

High performance surface grinding wheels with high-porosity bonding system for reduced thermal loading and minimal dressing diamond wear.
Open-pored silicon carbide grinding wheel with low tendency to clog. Suitable for grinding aluminium, NF metals, titanium, carbide and cast iron.


  • Universally applicable for reciprocating grinding processes, which significantly reduces the frequency of wheel changes in daily operation.
  • Can be used on all commercially available grinding machines for tool and die making and machine tool building e.g. Jung, ABA, Blohm, Elb, Mägerle, Ziersch&Baltrusch, Geibel&Hotz, Jones&Shipman.
  • Cooling with emulsion is necessary, ensure good lubrication, especially on long-chipping materials.




Profile surface grinding wheels available on request.

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