Đá mài tròn Ceramic Tyrolit (cho VL từ 55-67HRC)

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Precision external cylindrical grinding wheel

High performance external cylindrical grinding wheels in ceramic bonding. The grinding wheel structure incorporates the optimum match of grit volume and bonding volume; bonding strength and manufacturing process are characterised by: 

  • High cutting effectiveness and reduced grinding times with low wear.
  • Low thermal loading, cool cutting.
  • Long cycles between dressing operations mean reduced downtime.

Specification: 454A 80J10 V3. Sintered aluminium oxide for longer working life and better metal removal rate. Particularly suitable for high alloy steels / HSS. 


  • For general use in external cylindrical grinding (straight/ oblique longitudinal grinding, recess grinding).
  • For use on all grinding machines generally used for tool and die making, and machine tool building (e.g. Kellenberger, Studer, Schaudt, Tschudin, etc.) 
  • Cooling with emulsion is necessary, good lubrication on long-chipping materials is absolutely necessary.


454A 802J10 V3

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