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Diamond surface and external cylindrical grinding wheels for workpieces with zero iron content

Surface grinding and external cylindrical grinding wheels, highly developed, with super-abrasives (CBN or diamond) in synthetic resin bonding. The high-strength, vibration-optimised VIB STAR grinding wheel base body permits a high damping for a smooth, even grinding process with high surface quality.

  • Extreme performance improvement (G-factor) compared to conventional grinding media.
  • The vibration-damping design of the carrier body significantly increases the working life.
  • Continuous self-sharpening effect due to even power consumption and avoidance of cyclical sharpening operations.

Diamond coating for high performance grinding of short chipping non-ferrous materials such as carbide, ceramic materials (PCS), hard coatings.


  • General use for all materials from a hardness of about 58 HRC (limit of economic use).
  • For surface grinding and external cylindrical grinding (straight longitudinal grinding, recess grinding).
  • Can be used on all commercially available grinding machines for tool and die making and machine tool building, e.g. Jung, ABA, Blohm, Elb, Mägerle, Ziersch & Hotz, Jones & Shipman.
  • Cooling with emulsion or grinding oil is necessary.
  • Superabrasive CBN / diamond grinding wheels are always used with less than half the wheel widthcompared to that for conventional grinding wheels.


D126C75B-VIB-STAR W-Carbide.


These grinding wheels can be dressed on a steel block at an infeed of approx. 0.02 mm. Alternatively with a dressing tool No. 599600. Sharpen grinding wheels (opening up the bonding) using sharpening stone No. 599840.


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