Cử ren lỗ GO/NO GO hệ Mét 486000

Liên hệ
Threads “Go” / “No Go” gauge M1 to M36. Please contact for further information.


The ground first thread pitch removes coarse swarf in the component and prevents premature fracture of the first thread pitch. Version to DIN 2279 - 2299.
“Go” and “No Go” ends on a single handle (DIN 2240, part 1, form R). “No Go” end marked red.


For metric ISO threads, right-hand DIN 13.

Toleranzklasse 5H


Tolerances and dimensions to DIN ISO 1502. 


Thread gauges for threads with other pitches, Whitworth, trapezoidal, round, UNC, UNF, NPT, and LH threads available on request.

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