Cử ren mịn GO/NO GO M8 to M60 486100

Liên hệ
Fine thread “Go” / “No Go” plug gauge 6H M8 to M60. Please contact for further information.  


The ground first thread lead chamfer (from 1 mm pitch) removes coarse swarf in the component and prevents premature fracture of the first full thread lead chamfer.
Design to DIN 2279 − 2299.
“Go” and “No Go” ends on a single handle (DIN 2240, part 1 form R). “No Go” end marked red.


For metric ISO fine threads, right-hand DIN 13.


Tolerances and dimensions to DIN ISO 1502. 


Thread gauges for threads with other pitches, Whitworth, trapezoidal, round, UNC, UNF, and NPT threads as well as left-hand threads available on request.


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