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Item no.: 657272 - Torque wrench with ratchet and adjustment scale.Manufacturer: HOLEX

Item no.: 657272

Torque wrench with ratchet and adjustment scale


Robust torque wrench, adjustable with micrometer scale, with protection against accidental changes to the setting.
Integral ratchet to accept sockets.

Ratchet with captive push-through square drive pin and retaining pin, for right-hand and left-hand tightening.


On reaching the set torque value the wrench triggers giving a ″signal″ (audible and perceptible) and is then immediately ready for use again.


For controlled tightening of screws to pre-set torque. For small to medium series.


Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.


±3 % of the displayed value.


The guaranteed measuring accuracy of the torque is achieved only once the torque range has been calibrated to DIN EN ISO 6789.

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