Búa đầu nhựa 753100

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SIMPLEX soft-faced hammer with superplastic inserts


Sturdy, two-piece clamp housing with two exchangeable striking inserts. Suitable inserts are available for various types of work.
All insert types can also be combined with each other.
Soft-faced hammers and driving mallets: Aluminium or annealed cast iron housing; wooden handle.

Version - image:

Steel screw.
Shaped handle.
Two-piece cast clamp housing with sturdy grooved profile.
Inserts can be replaced quickly and easily.


Size A = Aluminium housing: For light work, e.g. positioning.
Size G = Annealed cast iron housing: For heavy, powerful blows, e.g. driving machine parts into position etc.


Size codes A = Aluminium housing; G = Annealed cast iron housing.

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